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CAD Model: Why meshing fails? - 2016-03-24

CAD Model: Why meshing fails?

Your model is not meshed properly or the mesher cannot even complete the meshing?

This kind of problem happens to everyone, even the most skilled in FEA.

Nowadays, CAD models tend to have too many details and so it is difficult for an analyst to simplify those models enough to get a proper mesh.

Meshing problems are often caused by small edges or faces in the geometry and that’s why you have to find an efficient way to spot those geometrical problems.

How to your find the problem in your CAD model?

That’s he question I always wondered… CAD models can be so big that it is difficult to find where is the problem!

getting back to CAD and searching everywhere without knowing what could be wrong is the worst that can happen. You can search for hours without finding anything. Then you try again to mesh, it still doesn’t work…and you start over…what a loss of time!

Being an engineer means being efficient and knowing the fastest way to solve such a problem.

I found a method, my own method. i am not telling this is a perfect method, but at least it works well!

I can find the problem is few minutes. DO you believe that?

The CAD division method.

This method is a secret method that no one will teach you. But I guarantee it will solve your problem 90% of the time.

I called it the CAD division method.

Watch the video below and you will understand how it works.

When you will see what it is, you will tell yourself:”That’s so simple, why I did thought about that??”

Just watch and you’ll see


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