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MIDAS NFX - Webinar - 2016-03-10

MIDAS NFX FEA Foundations: How to check any mechanical product design with linear static analysis

Midas NFX - Webinars

March 16 2016 / 1:00 GMT 

If you know how to perform simulation to check mechanical product design, complex problems can be solved in a matter of minutes. Linear static analysis is a power analysis to perform such task. 
However, there are some assumptions and conditions that you have to be aware off before using the power of linear static analysis. Ignoring them could prove very dangerous. 

We organize this webinar as a free course to teach you the exact method and theory that is used in linear static analysis. You will get some knowledge about theory and also see some live example performed by our FEA expert Piotr Stepien. 

What you will learn in details: 

The presentation will include some practical example performed in live.

The webinar is free, but places are limited to 100 people, so please register quickly if you want to get your access.

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