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Release 1 of Tecplot Chorus 2016 Now Available - 2016-02-12

Software helps engineers and scientists analyze design-space simulation data and better understand the underlying physics

BELLEVUE, Wash. (February 8, 2016) – Tecplot, Inc., developer of the leading CFD visualization and analysis software for engineers and scientists, today announced the general availability of Tecplot Chorus 2016 Release 1, a design-space simulation data analysis product that incorporates Tecplot 360 EX.

The most notable new features in this release include the ability to accelerate trade studies and identify selected cases, Open CSV Project and easier license management.

Rapidly Identify Cases of Interest

In the last release of Tecplot Chorus, the company introduced the Selected Cases view and Color-by-Filter Violations for 2D scatter plots. For this new release, Tecplot extended the filter violation coloring to the Table Views to help even more with trade studies. This new capability makes it easy to identify where values lie in the range of all values and how close cases are to constraint boundaries.

Tecplot also improved how the Selected Cases view works to help users rapidly identify cases of interest. For example, data in the Selected Cases view will now automatically be compared against Other Views for rapid identification of cases of interest.

Release 1 of Tecplot Chorus 2016 Now Available

Create Project Files

Open CSV Project lets users create a project file using the same base name as the CSV file if no project file already exists. If a project file of the same name already exists users will now be prompted to specify a file name for their project file. This is a slight change in the workflow and was made to reduce the likelihood of accidentally overwriting an existing project file when using this menu option.

Simplified License Management

Lastly, all Tecplot products, including Tecplot Chorus 2016 Release 1, are moving to a simpler licensing process. The new process will handle the details of validating the user’s license and activating their software, which makes license administration much faster and easier. Single-user license holders with an internet connection will now be able to enter an activation code and start working.

“Improving existing functionality is a major emphasis of our product development efforts this year,” Tecplot Product Manager Scott Fowler said. “Based on customer feedback, we know our products help engineers and scientists everyday become more efficient and productive at work. We also know the demands on our customers are ever-changing, becoming more challenging each year. By improving the robust functionality already baked into Tecplot software, our products will evolve to meet our customers’ growing demands.”

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