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Tecplot Launches New Version of Tecplot 360 EX at SciTech 2016 - 2016-01-11

SciTech 2016, held today through Jan. 8 in San Diego, is the flagship research and technology conference & exhibition of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). As the world’s largest professional society for the aerospace industry, Reston, Va.-based AIAA serves a diverse range of more than 35,000 individual members from 80 countries, and 100 corporate members.

For Tecplot 360 EX 2016 Release 1, Tecplot focused on strengthening many of the software’s existing capabilities. The highlights of the new version include easier license management, better support for polyhedral data, improved animation methods, an all-new macro debugger, and greater Mac support.

“While there’s nothing sexy about license management, I think everyone knows it can be a hassle,” Tecplot Product Manager Scott Fowler said. “We’re using new technology called Activation Pro to alleviate that pain for single-user licenses. With Activation Pro, the user’s machine ID and license key are centrally stored, meaning our software will now automate many administrative tasks that previously were done manually by the user.”

Fowler continued, “We’re also proud to announce improvements to our software’s performance with polyhedral data. The CFD community is gravitating to polyhedral element types largely due to their tendency to increase the rate of convergence. We’ve spent considerable time improving our algorithms and rendering to better support polyhedral cells. Many of these algorithms have been made parallel while simultaneously using less memory, which allows our users to visualize and analyze larger data sets, faster. Early benchmarking indicates overall speed improvements of about 25 percent, with some operations being more than two times faster.”

Rounding out the functionality upgrades of the new release are the reintroduction of several animation methods, which are useful for engineers trying to gain insight from extremely large data sets; an all-new macro debugger, which makes it much easier for users to navigate and debug their scripts; and enhanced functionality for the growing number of engineers who use Macs, such as the ability to easily launch a new Tecplot 360 EX window from the Dock or by double-clicking a Tecplot data file.

Tecplot Launches New Version of Tecplot 360 EX at SciTech 2016

About Tecplot 360 EX

First released in 2014, Tecplot 360 EX is the most memory-efficient CFD post-processor available for desktop computers, requiring 92% less memory than earlier versions when loading modern high-fidelity CFD solutions. CFD engineers are now able to load and analyze data once reserved for only the largest high-performance computing centers.

The software’s industry-leading speed – both computational and rendering — is achieved through Tecplot’s proprietary SZL technology, which is a combination of deferred data loading, exhaustive parallelization, and many other code optimizations.

Platforms and Pricing

Tecplot 360 EX 2016 Release 1 supports Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Pricing starts at $4,400 in the United States and Canada for a single-user perpetual license. Existing Tecplot 360 EX users with current Software Maintenance Service agreements can upgrade to 2016 Release 1 at no additional cost. Special pricing is available for qualified academic users.

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