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Live Online Event - midas NFX Simulation Features in Depth - 2016-02-12

Understand and compare the best FEA features

With Cyprien Rusu and Piotr Stepien

Tuesday, February 16th

If you are already an expert in FEA Analysis, you know that some features are more powerful than others and you know as well that it is always required to compare between different software to find the software that will make you the most efficient for the lowest cost.
That’s the challenge we set to ourselves in Midas. We want to prove you that we have all the tools that you will ever need, and even much more.
We set up this webinar to demonstrate to you in depth those features that will change the way to perform FEA forever.

During this Free Webinar You Will Learn:

  1. How midas NFX is great for Designers as well as Analysts
  2. Why midas NFX interface and solvers are much faster that other FEA software that you ever used
  3. How you cab create geometry and modify your model without the need to go back to CAD
  4. How you can use automatic and manual meshing features together to create the best FEA model for accuracy.
  5. All the Analysis types you have access to from linear static to nonlinear dynamic and CFD analysis.
  6. How you can quickly get a report generated automatically using midas NFX automatic word and 3D PDF export feature
  7. How to use midas NFX on a simple analysis model

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