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nCode - Solutions for Turbocharger Design&Analysis - 2015-12-18

Turbochargers have become an increasingly essential part of the global vehicle industry, according to recent industry reports; over the next five years half the cars sold will have turbochargers. The growing use of turbochargers is driven by the pressure to achieve increased efficiency, improved performance and lower fuel consumption.

New design considerations for turbochargers must simultaneously take into account many requirements, including durability, heat management, aerodynamics and vibration. Combined with an ever-shortening design cycle, meeting these requirements calls for better up-front simulation and smarter physical testing.

nCode - Solutions for Turbocharger Design&Analysis

Achieve optimum turbocharger design with nCode
Early on in the design process, nCode software allows for better up-front simulation by working with leading finite element analysis results to perform fatigue analysis. A wide range of conditions including thermal, vibration and mechanical loading can be simulated and durability predicted within a single environment.

As new turbochargers undergo physical testing, nCode provides powerful tools for processing measured data, analyzing the vibration of turbine wheels and bearings, and defining the most efficient shaker profiles for vibration tests.

The increased adoption of turbochargers means delivering the right performance at the right size at the right price. Click here to learn more about how nCode helps turbocharger manufacturers around the world reduce warranty costs and maintain consumer confidence by incorporating durability into their engineering.

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