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nCode GlyphWorks

The Data Processing System for Durability

nCode GlyphWorks is a powerful data processing system for engineering test data analysis with specific application to durability and fatigue analysis. Designed to handle huge amounts of data, GlyphWorks provides a graphical, process-oriented environment.

Users can simply create an analysis workflow by ‘drag and dropping’ analysis building blocks. In addition to general signal processing, GlyphWorks provides leading fatigue analysis capabilities for measured data.

Processes created in GlyphWorks can be locked-down and distributed, improving the consistency and speed of analysis without manually created scripts.

GlyphWorks provides a wide range of data processing capabilities with specialized options such as fatigue analysis, accelerated testing, and frequency domain tools for ride quality and rotating machinery analysis.

Key Features

     ♦ Durability and fatigue analysis. Specialized capabilities for damage calculation and test profile generation. Also integrates with        DesignLife to enable test and CAE fatigue in one environment.

     ♦ Graphically develop analytical processes: Intuitive and powerful.

     ♦ Intrinsically multi-file, multi-channel and multi-format:  Optimized for complex analysis and huge file sizes.

     ♦ Wide range of functions for time, frequency, and statistical analysis, plus synchronized GPS and video displays.

     ♦ Flexible: Build custom functions using open source Python language and IMSL™ statistical libraries or link to existing processes.


     ♦ Comprehensive analysis for experts but simple to use for occasional users, raising team effectiveness

     ♦ Save time and cost with faster, more realistic durability tests.

     ♦ Improved correlation using test and CAE in one environment

     ♦ Improved consistency and quality with standardized analysis processes.

     ♦ ‘One-click’ generation of results and reports. Go straight from raw data to finished document and improve productivity.

nCode GlyphWorks Product Options

nCode GlyphWorks allows you to build the capability and tools you need in your data analysis software from an ever increasing Glyph list!

The basic GlyphWorks package is GlyphWorks Fundamentals – users can simply add the functionality they need – or purchase one of the preconfigured bundles designed for target applications.

GlyphWorks Fundamentals provides visualization and basic manipulation, frequency spectrum analysis and filtering capability. Report layouts can be interactively designed and these reports automatically generated by including as part of the analysis process. Fundamentals is a pre-requisite for all other product options.

The Fundamentals package includes support for a wide range of data formats and types of displays. The Super Glyph capability enables multiple analysis functions to be encapsulated as a single glyph that can be saved and re-used.

     ♦ Input multiple formats

     ♦ Channel calculator

     ♦ Channel reassignment

     ♦ Filtering

     ♦ Extraction and concentration

     ♦ Statistics and running statistics

     ♦ Resampling

     ♦ Unit conversion

     ♦ Frequency analysis

     ♦ Time at level analysis

     ♦ Rainflow counting

     ♦ Graphical editor

     ♦ Visualization and reporting

     ♦ Output multiple formats

     ♦ Batch and interactive interfaces

     ♦ Super Glyph encapsulation

     ♦ ScheduleCreate durability duty cycle definition

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