CFD analysis

We successfully use CFD simulations for:

  • shape optimization of fluid transporting equipment 
  • determining loads occurring during the fluid flow and suggesting modifications to reduce them
  • examination of flow devices efficiency
  • noise level reduction 

We are competent and experienced in the implementation of simulation flows for the industry. Thanks to the practical application of fluid mechanics analysis, we realize CFD analysis such as:

  • flows in rotor systems: pumps, compressors, turbines
  • internal flows: valves, regulators, wires
  • external flows (around objects): liquid and gases, established and undetermined state
  • flow with the transport of factors: mixing fluids
  • multiphase flows: evaporation, condensation
  • cfd calculations with reactions: combustion processes - so-called complex cfd analysis
  • flows with heat exchange
  • turbulent flows


Numerical calculations in the field of fluid mechanics - so-called Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations - are one of the most dynamically developing computing techniques. Professionally performed CFD simulation decreases the assumed problem consultation time and significantly reduces the number of prototypes being built, resulting in substantial savings. We invite you to visit our office in Wroclaw and get familiar with our offer in the field of CFD analysis and our others services.

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