FEM analysis


FEM calculations are performed at the expert level!

  • Static and dynamic analysis
  • Non-linear analysis – large deformations
  • Fatigue analysis and crack propagation
  • Thermal analysis
  • Kinematic analysis
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Analysis of undetermined states
  • Contact analysis
  • Modal analysis
  • Analysis of impact loads (crash-test)
  • Vibration analysis

We carry out all the work with a confidentiality clause - we respect the interests of our Clients.

Strength calculations using the finite element method (FEM) allow precise determination of the condition of both entire structures and individual elements already at the design stage. Our FEM calculations allow us to deal with issues of strength, stiffness, durability, both complex designs and individual components of machinery and equipment. FEM endurance calculations are characterized by extraordinary efficiency. Using the potential of today's computing algorithms, it is possible to optimize the design for increasingly strict engineering requirements. Skillfully used FEM program, together with a thorough interpretation of results, will reduce design time, improve the efficiency and durability of the product. Using FEM simulations  to optimize oversized projects, savings of up to 40% of primary costs can be achieved. As a tool, over the years, FEM analysis has found a very wide application in many industrial areas. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the wide offer of the calculation services provided by our office in Wrocław. We perform commercially CAE endurance analysis such as structural analyses,  vibration analysis (including modal analysis) on dynamic phenomena and fluid mechanics simulations. 

We have been doing the strength calculations using FEM commercially since 2011. Since then, we have performed hundreds of endurance analyses, very often combined with measurement work. FEA (Finite Element Analysis) is currently one of the most popular methods of computer modeling used in engineering. By performing  FEM simulations, we are able to verify even the most complex engineering projects. Among many features, numerical analysis allows the engineer to select an appropriate material, determine the causes of the damage or to assess the technical condition of the structure. All FEM analyses  are performed on certified commercial tool licenses provided by CAE market leaders: Midas NFX, Ansys, Femap. In Poland our company promotes Midas NFX software, of which we are the official distributor. We support MIDAS NFX users who self-perform  FEM analysis as technical support, organize training in the use of FEM software and promote FEM simulations as a tool with powerful capabilities that should actively support the construction departments of modern production companies.

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