• supporting structures (frames) of vehicles, vehicle buildings
  • the load-bearing ceilings of agricultural machinery
  • crane structures, cranes and gantries
  • machine bearing components
  • responsible structural elements
  • pressure vessel structures
  • steel support structures
  • load-bearing structures of building objects
  • pipelines and transmission systems

 We carry out special works:

  • measurements of stresses on gears
  • measurements of large deformations
  • measurements in harsh environmental conditions
  • measurements of deformation of hot parts up to 950°C
  • monitoring of progressive design cracks
  • wireless measurement on rotary elements

We have resources that allow you to complete complex issues immediately!


Tensometric studies are an increasingly popular method for measuring deformations on structures in operating conditions. Tensometric measurements are carried out using stain gauges and accessories provided by partners: HBM, VISHAY, KYOWA, TENMEX (Polish manufacturer). We have a range of special purpose sensors: from tensometric rosettes to measurements of own stresses, through the weldable strain gauges on optical strain gauges ending. We also perform tensometric measurement systems throughout the range: from design, completion and delivery, through the installation of strain gauges and commissioning.

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