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In the theme of vibration and oscillation, we mainly perform custom and complex measurements.


  • identification of the impact of vibrations on structures and land resulting from construction work, mining activities, working machinery
  • measurement of vibrations transmitted by the ground to the object (building, bridge)
  • determination of the impact of vibrations emitted by equipment installed in industrial facilities on their design
  • determination of the value of seismic vibrations in areas intended for investment
  • assessment and forecast the degree of damage caused by vibration



  • local and global vibrations
  • measurements of resistance to strokes, shocks and vibrations
  • expertise; technical condition assessment (history - current state - forecast)
  • measurements of the level of absolute and relative vibrations (24/7 monitoring of the state of the structure)
  • measurements of rotating systems; measurements of bearing support status; rotational speed measurementsej
  • diagnosis of vibration of the condition of machinery, equipment and construction
  • seismic vibrations
  • vibration measurements

We have experience and appropriate high-performance m.in tools:

  • IBIS-SF interference radar for non-invasive measurements of structural vibrations
  • LMS SCADAS XS 12-channel mobile recorder for multi-type vibrating tests
  • triaxial ICP-type accelerometers of general use
  • triaxial ICP accelerometers for structural tests and modal analyses
  • high/low temperature accelerometers
  • impact accelerometers
  • ICP pressure sensors for dynamic applications
  • ICP impact hammer
  • a vibration visualizer camera not visible to the naked eye to measure the vibrations of buildings, installations and components

We are a partner   

We offer popular and proven in the industry "red boxes"  for measuring oscillations and vibrations, monitoring seismic phenomena.


In addition to the actual measurements of oscillations and vibrations carried out on objects are comprehensive computer simulations, thanks to which we can include the vibration behavior for example the entire element as well as individual parts of objects. Analysis of data vibrations collected during measurements allows among others on:

  • safety assessment of the use of the test element
  • verification of the results obtained in relation to the standards
  • verification of the results obtained in relation to the standards
  • solving problems with the proper functioning of machines

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