6 Kwiecień 2020

Agnes Shin
Agnes Shin | CAE Consultant & Marketing Manager MIDAS IT Co.

S.O.S: MIDAS Academy

How I Design Bridge: Girder Span Bridges with Prestressed Composite Section

A girder bridge is the most common type in bridge design. Prestressing a composite girder in the negative moment region increases its stiffness by preventing the cracking of concrete under service loads. In this session, Ir. Chong Wee Lin from Jurutera Bintangh Senari PLT (Malaysia) will share his design practices of girder span bridges in Sarawak.

We highly recommend this course to any engineers all around the world who practices girder bridge on a daily basis. Come and join us live. Our speaker will be there to answer your questions.


  • 02:00 - 02:05


  • 02:05 - 02:50

    Things to keep when designing a girder span bridge

    How to facilitate the modeling and analysis of girder span bridge using midas Civil.
    BD3701 Traffic loading explanation and application in midas Civil.

  • 02:50 - 03:00

    Question & Answer



Key Point 1: Design Consideration of Girder Span Bridge

While designing a bridge, structural engineers often make numerous decisions that critically affects the project. Ir. Chong Wee Lin will share what he considers in the girder span bridge project based on his past experience.

Key Point 2: Facilitate Bridge Modeling

Setting up an analytical model are a very time-consuming and tedious work. Often, it requires a deep understanding of finite element methods. The speaker reveals you how to shorten the whole design process by building the analytical model in a faster and easier way.

Key Point 3: Traffic Live Load Application

Traffic load falls under the category of static analysis, but requires additional knowledge. In order to apply it in practice, you need to know how to deal with various factors. He will share how traffic load can be applied under different conditions.

Ir.Chong Wee Lin

Bridge Engineer / B.Sc, MIEM, PENG

He has over 16 years of experience in the bridge structure in Jurutera Bintangh Senari PLT

 - Batang Tatau balanced cantilever bridge (486m)

 - Flyover viaducts

 -Trumpet interchange

 -85m long Semi-integral Bridge 

 -ICE in Singapore - Yishun Avenue Bridge  & Punggol Central West Bridge

16th April, 2020, 2:00~3:00 PM (Warsaw)

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