23 Luty 2022

Webinaria AFT - Marzec 2022

Zapraszamy na marcowy cykl webinarów organizowanych przez Applied Flow Technology.

Prelegenci poruszą kwestie związane z nowościami w programach z rodziny AFT
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Plan webinarów:

2 Marca, 2022 | Troubleshooting Troublemaking Models -  Rejestracja
Results are only as good as the model they are based upon. Anyone with engineering software experience has likely heard 'garbage in = garbage out'. This webinar takes out the trash and provides some approaches to troubleshoot and quality check your AFT software model when results feel questionable or models fail to converge. These tips can be applied to all AFT software products. 

16 Marca 2022 | Dress to the Nines with New Features in AFT Arrow 9 - Rejestracja
Don't roll your eyes at the title just yet. The brand new release of AFT Arrow 9 is sure to impress you with the expanded functionality, both engineering capabilities and user workflow. Whether you are new to compressible flow modeling in AFT Arrow or are a seasoned vet, you'll want to see how AFT Arrow 9 can make you a master of models. Remember, AFT products are always backward compatible, so you can use Arrow 9 for models made with older versions without losing any data.