28 Kwiecień 2022

Zapraszamy na majowo - czerwcowy cykl webinarów organizowanych przez AFT!

Plan webinarów:

18 Maj, 2022 | It's about time! - Transient Simulation in AFT Arrow -  Rejestracja

The Extended Time Simulation (XTS) module for AFT Arrow is finally here! It's about time! (Literally).

With Arrow XTS, users can model compressible transient events like tank filling and extended blowdown events. This webinar will review these applications and more, explore the underlying assumptions of the module, and work through an example to see the workflow in action. 

1 czerwiec 2022 | AFT Fathom for Utility and Offsite Engineers - Rejestracja 
A very common application for flow analysis software is in the utilities and offsites division of chemical processes. If you are an engineer working in U&O, you need to see how AFT Fathom empowers you to properly design for greenfield projects, system expansions, or fire safety systems. U&O engineers have unique challenges to overcome compared to the process side. We will go through 2 examples - a cooling water loop expansion and a fire water system study.

15 czerwca 2022 |2 xStream – 2 Furious: New Features Demonstration - Rejestracja
AFT xStream was a brand new AFT product that was launched in 2021 to allow users to perform gas hammer/steam hammer surge calculations on their gas phase piping systems and guess what??!!!  We already have a new version available with some excellent enhancements and upgrades!

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