Midas NFX – A modern engineering solution for CFD problems!

MIDAS NFX is the multi-disciplinary simulation solution, CFD and optimization design. This program, we provide all the most demanded analysis types such as: linear static, modal, heat, nonlinear, optimal design, CFD. Within its highly interactive and visual environment, users have access to a variety of practical tools which can help to build, edit and manipulate CAE models. 


  ⇔ Strong ⇔ Fast ⇔ Useful ⇔   


Modern interface GUI

Static analysis

Dynamic analysis

Clear, readable, intuitive

Linear and nonlinear

In steady and transient condition 

Thermal simulations


CFD analysis

Heat transfer   

Creating resistant products

Professional CFD solutions

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Proven product - thousands of satisfied customers!




Marine & Offshore





Heavy Industry


Construction & Plant



Pressure Vessel







midasNFX is an integrated finite element analysis program for structural, CFD simulation and optimization design. Numerical calculations have increased the pace of development not only in finite element method-related sciences, but also all the industries able to benefit from them. Thanks to increasing possibilities of hardware time consumed for performing such calculations has decreased significantly.

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